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Toronto Venues - Here is a list of top 10 Venues in Toronto.

    1. Massey Hall Tickets - is the best place to hear a concert in North America. Harry Connick Jr recently stopped his performance to mention that the crowd was lucky to be in a hall that had such wonderful accoustics. The sight lines are terrific and you are guaranteed to get the most out of the performance. 2. The Mod Club Tickets - Yes it isn't really a big hall. But that is part of the advantage. I recently heard Jim Cuddy play there and was blown away buy the accoustics. Later hearing it on CMT - I was again very impressed. 3.Molson Amphitheatre - What more can you ask for - a day on the grass and the smell of grass. 4. Rivoli - There is a reason why they use this place for CD Launches. 5. Canon Theatre - My recent trip to see 'We will rock you was amazing!' I am a huge fan of Queen.6. Revival - Stage feels like it right on top of you - this can be a good thing. 7. The Drake - Yes its a dungeon - but the amps they kick out is amazing. 8. Lee's Palace - Dirty - but great sound.9. Hugh's Room - Great Jazz 10. C'est What - Awesome experience.



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